How Long Does It Take To Buy A House In Washington?

How Much Time Is Required To Buy A House In Washington

25 Jul 2022

Are you thinking of buying a house in Washington?

If so, you may be wondering how long it takes to buy a house in Washington. Right?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the type of property you’re interested in, the current housing market, and your own financial situation.

For example, if you’re looking for a single-family home, the process may take a bit longer than if you’re interested in a condo or townhouse. This is because there are usually more steps involved in buying a single-family home, from finding the right property to negotiating the purchase price.

How to Buy a House: Important Steps To Buy A House In Washington

Buying a house can take anywhere from 12 minutes to 12 months. The current housing market can also impact how long it takes to buy a house. If there are more buyers than sellers, prices may be higher, and the process may take longer.

Here are the nine steps to buying a house in Washington state:

Step 1: Find A Real Estate Agent To Help You Buy A House In Washington.

To find an experienced and reputable real estate agent right after deciding to buy a house is the first vital step in the home buying process. Do your homework and select one wisely because this is a base for this whole new home thing.

You should be comfortable with the agent, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s better to ask and be transparent rather than messing up the whole process.

Step 2: Saving For A Down Payment And Closing Costs.

Undoubtedly, saving money at that crucial time is hard, but it benefits you in the long run. The first sum of the purchase price of your house that you put down at closing is known as your down payment. Your mortgage lender will pay the remaining sum.

Washington, mortgage lenders typically require a down payment of 20% of the purchase price. A $625,264 property ( typical home value in Washington) would be $125,053.

You can, however, choose to make a smaller down payment.


“If you are the one who is struggling to save for the down payment, Washington down payment assistance programs got you covered.”

Step 3: Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage.

Having a mortgage pre-approval in hand is critical before you start shopping for a home. It is one of the important requirements to buy houses in Washington.

The pre-approval letter shows you’re eligible for a home loan and can actually afford the house you want — most sellers won’t accept an offer without it. Fortunately, this is relatively easy and can be done in just minutes online, depending on your mortgage lender.

Step 4: Looking At Houses.

After getting pre-approval, let the house hunting begin! Get a pencil & paper to write your next goal of how much worth of the house is affordable for you. What should be the no. of rooms and how much space do you need in the garage. This list helps you shortlist all the available houses, and you don’t have to attend every open house.

Get in touch with your real estate agent, explore your detective side, and get started on the mission of finalizing your next residence.

Step 5: Make An Offer On The House.

It’s time to make offers! When you are done visiting houses, ask your real estate agent to help you make an offer on a house you finalized. They will take care that the offer should be competitive, aligned with the actual value of that place, and shows your real interest.

Don’t forget to add contingencies in the offers that will be your guard if any issue leads to backing out. You can reduce the closing time by making it an all cash-offer.

Step 6: Inspections And Appraisals Of The House.

After your offer is accepted, the next step is home inspections and appraisals. This is where you will hire a third-party inspector to check out all the systems. This inspection includes everything that’s in the house. Let’s say the house’s roof, electrical, plumbing, and foundation.

Depending on the current square footage rate in Washington, it can cost you around $200 to $500 and takes about 8-10 days. It’s a crucial step when you buy a house in Washington because that’s where you know the health of your home.

Step 7: Making The Title Learned Of Liens And Encumbrances.

It is one of the critical steps to buying a house in Washington state. You have to be aware of the fact that mentioning any liens or encumbrances is not beneficial, and you can get in trouble easily.

A clear title is mandatory. It helps you transact the money easily and shows the actual owner of the property, YOU! Make sure never to add any property tax liens or easements.

Step 8: Finalizing The Paperwork And Closing Scheduling Dates.

The closing process starts right when the sellers agree to accept your offer. But now it’s time to finalize it in writing. It’s almost the finish line. 

To schedule a closing date, ask all the people involved in the deal about their most feasible time, and arrange a meeting to sign all the paperwork.

Step 9: Closing! Finally, No Wait To Buy A House In Washington

It’s finally the day you will sign a mountain of papers, but it’s all worth it. Hand over the down payment to the owner and all the closing costs to whoever belongs to it, and get the keys to your new HOME!

Buying a house doesn’t necessarily take longer than renting an apartment, but it does take longer than 20 minutes.

Bottom Line:

So, how long does it take to buy a house in Washington? The answer is that it depends on a number of factors. By considering the type of property you’re interested in, the current housing market, and your financial situation, you can better understand what to expect.

Finally, your financial situation will also influence how long it takes to buy a house. If

you’re able to get pre-approved for a mortgage, for example, you may have an easier time finding a property that meets your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Buy A House In Washington?
  • What Was The Most Stressful Thing About Buying A Home?

Finding the right place at your desired price is the hardest thing ever! There are a lot of other hard factors, even during a home buying process but once you find the right property at the right price, never let it go.

  • How Long Does It Take To Close On A House After An Appraisal?

It takes around two to three weeks, probably.

  • What Are The Tips For First-Time Home Buyers?

Here are some quick tips for first-time home buyers. Read them all for a hassle-free house buying process:

  • Before starting your purchase, know what you are eligible for.
  • Investigate your choices for a mortgage loan.
  • Be aware of your new home’s genuine cost.
  • Create your savings/boost your credit score.
  • You don’t have to handle this by yourself.
  • Take your time making a choice.
  • Develop your credit carefully.
  • Determine your needs.

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