How To Sell Your House in Washington During A Divorce

How To Sell Your House Washington During A Divorce

28 Nov 2022


Selling a house during a divorce in Washington can make even the best divorces more difficult and frustrating. Selling real estate as part of a divorce in Washington is one of the biggest concerns for most divorcing couples—after the impact on children and finances—when the two parties own real estate in common and are selling a house. This can be a marital home, a commercial business, or another type of mutually-owned property. It’s very rare that you are going through a split, the accompanying tips can assist you with understanding what’s in store while selling a house separately from in Washington. 

There are multiple scenarios while selling a divorce house in Washington. We are going to discuss a few of them for a better understanding of a layman. 

When Both Parties Agreed to Sell A House

In the ideal scenario, the couple is willing to sell a house in Spokane valley because they have built up equity in the property. Therefore, selling houses in Spokane Valley is very common.

Selling a house during a divorce is relatively straightforward in this instance.

A listing price for a house sold by divorcing couples must be agreed upon. Additionally, they must agree on a timetable for the house’s showings and decide who will bear which costs associated with the sale.

When One Party is Willing to Stay

One option is to refinance the Washington home in the name of the person who will be living there rather than selling it during the divorce if the divorcing couple has built up equity in the house and one party wants to stay there after the divorce.

The home will then be appraised, and the staying party will make an “equalization payment” equal to half the equity to the other party. For instance, in a divorce in Washington, if a couple bought a house for $80,000 but still had $20,000 left on their mortgage, both parties would be entitled to $30,000 in equity when selling the home. The couple might then get a $50,000 cash-out refinancing in the name of the person who lives there.

The refinancing could be done in both parties’ names if the party staying in the house cannot obtain a loan in this amount on their own. The loan can be restructured after the divorce as long as 12 months of canceled mortgage checks from the account of the spouse who lived there are documented. The party who moved out of the home can then be removed from the loan and the title after selling a house in divorce. 

When Both Parties Are Not Willing To Sell Home

divorce property in Spokane Valley

The worst situation imaginable while selling the house while in separation is when one party needs to keep the home and different needs to sell, or on the other hand, if both need to remain. Both parties are likely to be dissatisfied as a result, and any proceeds from the sale of a home during a divorce in Washington will likely be eaten up by the attorney’s costs. The court might have to step in at that point. 

Hire A Professional Home Buyer

You should refrain from attempting to sell your home on your own. You shouldn’t attempt to sell your home on your own. They will have access to a neutral third party who can assist you in determining a fair selling price and managing the marketing of your home if you collaborate with a real estate professional.

If you need to sell this house quickly, companies like ours BUY HOUSES rather than listing them as agents do. Selling a divorce property in Spokane Valley is quite a complicated and lengthy process as well. We pay cash and can close quickly. Hiring Property Solution Northwest as a real estate agent is your best option because you will get rid of all hassles and find a market-competitive price quickly. 


All scenarios discussed above regarding selling your house fast in Washington during a divorce: considering these facts and analysis, you can sell your Washington house at a fair price without any hurdles and delays. Hiring a credible Homebuyer is also an essential part of the house-selling process.

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