Papers Required for Sell A House in Washington

Paperwork Required To Sell A House in Washington

15 Nov 2022


You might be surprised if you think sell your House in Washington on the traditional real estate market is straightforward & simple. There is a lot of preparation work and, yes, the paperwork involved in selling a home. If you’re thinking about selling your home, know what documents you’ll need in advance to get started.

The documentation process is an integral part of your sale deed, and you need complete documentation to avoid hurdles and delays in the house-selling process. We will discuss the essential documents required to sell your house in Washington.

Papers required for selling a house

Essential Documents Required To Sell Your House in Washington

Following are the essential documents to sell a house in Washington.

Mortgage Statement

Request a statement from your lender or servicer indicating your payoff if you sell before fully repaying your current mortgage. The total amount you must pay to fulfill the terms of your mortgage loan, including any particular interest, is known as the payoff amount.

Your current balance, shown on your most recent account statement and may not include interest, differs from the payoff amount. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that your lender has to tell you your payoff amount, so don’t be afraid to ask. Using that information, you can estimate how much money you will make from selling your home.

Evidence of Home Appraisal

An appraisal is a professional evaluation of your home’s fair market value that tells a mortgage lender how much to lend to a buyer. Unless you’re working with a cash buyer who doesn’t need financing, which we’ll discuss below, you’ll need a brand-new appraisal to proceed with the sale.

In case of a refinance, for example, you are required to provide the buyer with a copy of the appraisal report. You received when you purchased your home and any documentation of any updates that have taken place since the initial appraisal.

House Deed

You require the original deed that you received when you purchased your home. You can get a new copy of your deed if you can’t find it. The offices responsible for storing information regarding property sales and ownership typically have a name that varies. The recorder office in your neighborhood is one option.

Online access to records is even offered by many of these offices. The prices vary greatly. You can ask the original title company to go to the local recorder’s office on your behalf, but you might have to pay a small fee in some places. Lastly, you can hire a deed retrieval service from a third party.

Papers for selling a house

Homeowners Insurance Records

Be open with your prospective buyer about any damages or repairs made to your home before you sell it. A claims report, also known as a list of all claims filed against your home since the time of purchase, as well as proof of your homeowner’s insurance information, will need to be provided to the buyer.

Tax Documentation

You will also need proof that you have paid your property taxes. In most cases, to give buyers an idea of how much they will have to pay in property taxes, you will need to show them your most recent tax bill.

Keep in mind that you might be liable for any unpaid property taxes on your house depending on how long has passed since the closing. The rules and regulations of the municipality where you live determine the taxes you must pay.


Although selling a house is a challenging task, if you are aware of all the mandatory facts and information about those documents, then it could be a smooth process. We discussed these documents and how they are pivotal in hassle-free house selling.  You can make the process easy, transparent, and smooth for yourself by ensuring the availability of all documents.

FAQ Section

Question. Do you need an attorney to sell a house in Spokane Washington?

Answer. Hiring an attorney to sell a house in Spokane Washington is not required.

Question. Do I have to pay taxes while selling my house in Washington?

Answer. Yes, Sellers are responsible for paying an excise tax on real estate in Washington.

Question. How do I sell my house in Washington?

Answer. There are various ways of selling your house in Washington. Directly sell to a cash Buyer, Hire a credible agent, and sell by yourself FSBO.

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