What sellers Need To Know About Foreclosure Process

What sellers Need To Know About Foreclosure?

16 Nov 2022


Its common knowledge that a foreclosure will have an effect. This will disrupt your entire life cycle, in addition to the undeniable strain and profound impact, it can have on your family and individual connections, from your clothing to driving, your workplace, and even your home.

It will have a significant impact on your life for a long time to come. Property Solution Northwest is here to pay attention to your genuine issues. It can resolve any inquiries you might have about your conditions and assist you in staying away from these repercussions.

Foreclosure Process

How To Prevent From Foreclosure

Following are the essential tips for the prevention of foreclosure.

  1. Contact or write your lender immediately if you fall behind on your mortgage payments. Explain your circumstance to your lender in detail.
  2. Make sure you are eligible for assistance by remaining in your home, Set up a time to meet with a housing counselor to learn more about your options.
  3. You can stop the foreclosure by paying back any payments that have fallen due and covering any costs associated with the foreclosure.

Foreclosure Process in Washington

If any individual defaults on his mortgage payment, then the lender might likely foreclose through the judicial OR non-judicial method.

1.   Judicial Foreclosure

Judicial foreclosure begins when the lender files a lawsuit asking the court to grant permission for a sale. The lender will automatically win the case if you don’t respond in writing. The court will evaluate the evidence and choose a winner. The judge will enter judgment and order the sale of your home at auction if the lender prevails.

2.   Non-Judicial Foreclosure

The lender must follow the state statutes’ out-of-court procedures if it chooses a nonjudicial foreclosure. After finishing the necessary advances, the loan specialist can sell the home at a dispossession deal. Most lenders in Washington decide on the nonjudicial method because it is quicker and less expensive than court litigation.

Requirement of Pre-Foreclosure in Washington Law

Before issuing a notice of default, the foreclosing lender typically has at least 30 days to contact you or the borrower or meet the requirements for attempting to contact you (see below). You will receive a notice informing you of your right to a “meet and confer” with your loan servicer.

The lender cannot issue a notice of default until 90 days after sending the letter if you respond within 30 days. This means you can request a face-to-face meeting to discuss your options for loss mitigation. However, if you do not request a meeting, the lender has 30 days to proceed with the foreclosure if certain conditions are met, such as calling you.


Numerous lenders will try to arrange for the borrower to catch up on payments and avoid foreclosure throughout the foreclosure process. It’s a good idea to talk to the lender in the hopes of making arrangements or modifying the current loan if there is a possibility that the borrower could catch up on payments—for instance, if they just started a new job after a period of unemployment.

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